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Nature, as manifested in Kerala, may be described as magnificent, beautiful, picturesque, salubrious, mostly mild, but sometimes turbulent, largely cool, but sometimes hot and humid, etc. The green vegetation, greenish water, blue lagoons, colorful sunrise and sunset, soothing moonlight, flora and fauna, etc. make Kerala a paradise for many people, who came to settle down here from other countries. Some tourists also might feel so, after seeing the landscape in ideal conditions and seasons.

Manifestations of Nature in this tropical, peninsular and coastal region varies during different seasons. There are times when natural phenomena like mist, monsoon rains, thunder and lightning, storms, cyclones, floods, waterfalls, etc. appear. Sometimes, dry season may cause wilting of the green vegetation, and drying up of streams and waterfalls. Often during the hot season, summer rains shower to cool down the land. Cloudbursts sometimes cause sudden flooding and deluge in the lowlands near the seacoast. Only once has tsunami manifested its horrific devastating power.

In spite of such occasional or rare occurrences, native nature poets have been singing about the glories and fascinating scenery of the landscape. Wordsworth and Shelly would have written more poems had they been living in this land blessed by Mother Nature.

Nature-lovers of this land are often fighting for the preservation of the natural gifts so abundantly present here. They oppose destruction of Nature while making improvements upon nature for more comforts. Many people here have been worshipping Nature and various elements in it like trees, oceans, wind, even snakes. As civilization spreads in the land, many of the pristine glories of the phenomena of nature are bound to disappear. Flora and fauna vanish and some species become extinct. Being conscious of such disastrous consequences of industrial development and urbanization, voluntary organizations of nature–lovers have been increasingly becoming proactive forcing developmental projects like the proposed dam at Silent Valley to be cancelled. So, there is hope that Nature will be preserved at least in some pockets across the land.


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